Mister RENOVATOR specializes in the replumb of defective gray Polybutylene ("PB") water pipe. Our company provides experience and cost saving REPLUMBS to Homeowners, Realtors and Property Managers at fair and competitive prices. We'll work nights and weekends to get you to closing quickly.

We are approved REPLUMB specialists in the Mid-Atlantic and New England States for the Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center. We have 8 years of experience providing this service.


A little over 20 years ago, engineers developed a new type of water pipe that got contractors really excited. The piping was called Polybutylene, or, "PB". The beauty of this material was that it was flexible, and required minimal effort when connecting two pieces.

Plumbers historically had to solder common copper water piping for every turn and angle, or tap in their work. PB, on the other hand, was easy to handle. The PB pipe could bend around corners and be joined to the next piece by simply crimping a metal band at the connections. It could easily be placed into and through walls with no problem. It looked like it was time for the plumbers of the world to throwaway their solder torches, and start enjoying all the free time this great new product made for them!

The plumbers euphoria, however, was short-Iived. At some point thereafter, customers started calling and complaining about PB piping leaks in their homes. Investigations followed, and it appeared that the PB piping was the culprit. The homeowners felt they had gotten soaked too. Those connections that were so easy to make were starting to fail. Homeowners found that walls, furniture and carpeting were getting soaked. Other owners worried that a leak in their home was next. Something had to be done.

Piping Replacement

Piping replacement, formally called a replumb, is the answer to the PB problem. Even if you have never experienced a leak, the risk of potential damage is too great to not have the piping replaced. In most cases, you will need to complete a replumb in the future when you sell your home. New Buyers are not buying Polybutylene Pipe.

Replacement Process

PB replacement by Mister RENOVATOR typically takes three to four days. First, an experienced crew cut the drywall areas covering the piping for removal and replacement. The water to the house then gets turned off, and the PB piping gets removed.
Standard copper water piping gets put back into the space by code, and the water to the house gets turned back on. In a majority of instances, this process occurs on the same day. Mister RENOVATOR then replaces the drywall sections that were removed to expose the piping.
Patching, painting and/or wallpapering, to make your home the same as when we started, complete the process.


Because of our extensive background in this field, we can generally speak to you about your home, development and neighbors. Our experience over the years from completing a high volume of replumbs, helps us to give you a preliminary budget of the replacement cost before the site visit. Typical cost of the projects can vary, depending upon the size of the house, the complexity of the wall layout, the extent of piping to be replaced, the number of bathrooms, and the type of paint and/or wallpaper required to finish the job.

Time is running out, it just may be time for you!